The best online Logo Maker/designing tool to Create your dream Logo

In an entrepreneurial and start-up voyage, everyone wants to minimize the cost and keep their budget tight. Hence, the arrival of online logo makers and tools and software has empowered such individuals and organizations to create, design, and build the logo of their choice. In addition to the above two sentences, if you are compelled to begin your best logo online while saving yourself some cash, you’re indeed on the right ambiance.

All the logo making tools that you will read about are great and comes with unparalleled advantages. Firstly, your logo will be ready in a noticeably short period. Secondly, you can get this done with no or basic graphic design knowledge. Having access to these online logo makers will let you get any logo you want. You can make as many changes as you want and build the brand identity of your wish.

Every logo is different, and it should always brag the positivity of your brand. We believe nobody can know your brand better than you. Hence, today we are giving you the sole right to work on your logo. You can design your logo as you want it to be, and as you want others to see it. So, wasting no time, let us jump to why logos are of utmost importance for your business.


Your logo is a vital ingredient of your brand identity, and your business branding hugely depends on brand identity.You can sub-consciously attract themselves with your brand, and you will be easily recognizable. Also, a logo has the potential to attract your lead customers if you play your cards right.

Keeping in mind the high market competition,standing and rising in the world of globalization is not easy. A clean, simple, and elegant logo will separate your brand from the crowd and make you easily visible beside your customers. Now, you must be thinking that to achieve this. Your logo should be created by a professional logo designer or a pro graphic designer. That’s right! However, for every company, especiallystart-ups’ availability of funds are different.

Below are the best alternatives for such institutions and your start-ups to help carry your brand identity with pride. 


Choosing the ultimate logo maker for all your needs depends on several factors. Hence, to decide which logo makers are the best, you should always keep these points.

  1. A few logo makers are free, whereas others are paid. Some online makers do provide free logo creators, but they charge on high-resolution versions.
  1. Some logo makers are user friendly so that anyone can get started. Some have noticeable predefined logo templates on which you need to work on the ground and create it differently.
  1. You also have some logo makers that offer full drag and drop functionality and complete control over the vector elements, while others are limited on features.

Taking these factors, we have worked hard to compile all the ultimate logo creator in the market today. All these depend on the features, pricing & all-round applicability for an average customer. We hope that our hard work will be fruitful for you, and it will help you decide the best online logo maker to give the power of logo making in your hands.



Tailor Brand is an AI-powered Logo maker tool offering some mesmerizing visual styles. The AI-driven factor is what makes Tailor Brand stand off the crowd and fills it with amazing, unique visuals to blow your mind off. The AI also gives you an option to choose the type of logo you are hunting for. Some of the options arenamely icon-based logo, initial based logo, and name-based logo.

Another useful feature of this tool is seeing how your chosen logo looks like in different forms. You can see how it looks on your website, on a business card, social media handle, and your merchandise.


When it comes to pricing, Tailor Brand has got something for everyone. The price is quite competitive when compared to the level of features they provide.

BASIC: This plan can be subscribed every month. At the cost of $3.99, you get a high-quality logo file. Apart from that, you also get brand analytic and development tools at the same price.

STANDARD: If you need better resolutions on your logo than you get in your basic plan, you can get yourself the standard package. The package gives you vector & SVG resolution flies. Along with that, you also get access to a suite of design tools to work as a pro. The subscription will be monthly and will cost you only $5.99.

PREMIUM: If you want a bunch of both the above packages and enjoy social media management tool, you can buy the premium subscription of Tailor Brand for just $12.99 per month.

Designfier’s free Online Logo Maker

Designing a logo was never as easy as Designfier’s online logo maker. If you are a newbie and know nothing about design and what each tool is used for, you can use Designfier’s online logo maker. As the main website that provides you with contests to create anything you want, this is the free tool to create a design.

Designfier does not provide any option or suggestions like templates, and something similar, much like all the other tools do. Designfier gives you the option to upload anything and start editing them. You can also start making new designs right on the logo maker tool. Designfier is motivated by the fact your ideas should be pure and should not be a slave of templates and images created by someone else.

With Designfier’s online logo maker, you can get what you want you to want. The logo maker is free and can be downloaded anytime. Your designs can be downloaded as multiple file-formats, namely PNG, JPG, or SVG. All these are free of cost as compared to other websites charges a fee for the same thing. If you are a new designer, looking to sharpen your skills, or make a reference logo to show to your designer, this is just your thing. If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up community, you can design your dream logo and get it downloaded at high quality without loosening your pocket.


BrandCrowd is another ultimate logo maker who works magically. You can create thousands of logos form a professionally designed library in seconds. And, for that, you need to enter your business name. This logo maker tool promises to get you your dream logo in minutes. You can also customize any of the thousand logos for free. BrandCrowd is super simple to use, as their team has spent massive long hours perfecting their logo maker.

Not just that, you can also use their 25,000+ designs that have been crafted by a community of professional designers to suit any industry or project. It’s as simpleto start as just picking up a system and begin editing. Once you have completed the designing of the logo, you will get a high-resolution file (PNG and JPG), vector files (SVG, EPS, and PDF). And, that too withouta watermark.


BrandCrowd ensures that you get a great logo at the right budget. Hence, they have various pricing options to choose from.

Standard Logo Price: The standard Logo package provides everything you need to get the right logo. The logo you choose will be of high resolution (PNG and JPG), and vector files (SVG, EPS, and PDF) without a watermark.The price for the standard fee will be $45.

Premium Logo Pack Subscription: The premium Logo package has a lot of varieties to give. You get everything you get in the standard Logo pack along with unlimited editing.You can also access to 30+ social media design tools, 100+ social media design templates, and 20+ business card. You see, this is a perfect set of graphic design tools for all your needs. The pricing of the premium pack will be $25 a month post subscription.

Buyout Option: If you want, you can also use the buyout option. In this, your logo will be instantly removed from the store and will no longer be available for purchase. This, in other words, means that you will be the sole owner of the design. You can avail of this option at $145.


If you search on the internet, Wix today is one of the most popular website builders. The famous website builder also gives high features on logo builder. You get to have the necessary level control over your design in the presence of the drag and drop functionality. A little search and patience can get you precisely what you’re looking for. The generated logo at the beginning will not look as good, but as you scroll and keep using the icon library, you start what you’re looking for.

Giving the customization power in the hands of the user is one of the plus points of Wix. The advanced customization feature of the online logo maker looks excellent. It delivers the amount of quality as it does to its famous website builder.


Basic Package: When you talk about pricing, for the basic plan, Wix charges a one-time fee of $20 to let you download standard logo files in the basic package. You also receive the full commercial ownership of the designs.

Advanced Package: The worth of the advanced package is only $50. You get resizable high-resolution SVG and Vector files along with the social media logos in this pack.

Building a brand identity for your business is the first step towards stepping out of the crowd of start-ups. Wix understands this and hence gives you the option of choosing their website builder plus logo option. With free domain and hosting for a year, they also offer everything on the Advanced Package. The pricing for this will only cost you $16 a month.

If you are not satisfied with anything among the following or you do not to spend any amount, you can still use the Wix’s online logo maker.

Wix lets you download your simple logo file in a low resolution for free. This can be your best move if you are making a logo for practice or using it for any odd purpose—this feature by Wix, one of the best free online logo makers to use.


If you are looking to create bold and iconic logos just in a few seconds, the Placeit Logo Maker is just your thing. You have an option to choose from 4000 logo templates. Besides that, hundreds of logo templates are added everyday, ensuring you make a unique design for your brand. You can do as many customizations to your unique design as you want.

Using this online logo maker is simple and easy to manage. You will need to enter the name of your business and the industry you are working for, and the system will start showing you up with templates suiting your requirement. Once you choose the template of your choice, you can also edit the elements and the font and color.

Since the logo maker is templates based, you need to edit it to its core uniqueness, or else it will look to the very basic one. Placeit logo makers let you edit as many logos as you want before you purchase it. So, to ensure that you do not end with a very basic one, be sure that you have done an excellent edit and made the best design.


The pricing comes both as a monthly subscription and one-time usage. You can get it done by your choice.

Standard: The one-time fee for a single logo will cost you $39.95. You will get a high-quality vector file that can easily be used or commercial and offline printing purposes.

Subscription: If you wish, you can also buy the monthly or yearly package of Placeit, depending on your work and choice. This will be great if you are looking to use graphics in large amounts to build a brand identity. This package is best for businesses that need a lot of variations. In the purchase, you get unlimited mock-ups, designs, and videos. Besides that, you can download the logo at half the price of $19.97. The subscription package will cost you $14.95 for the monthly subscription. However, buying a package can easily save you 44% of the total amount. You get to buy the yearly package for just $99.94. 


Shopify has its online logo generator named Hatchful to empower its online retailers to build a better brand identity for themselves. You can begin with some initial templates just in a few clicks on Hatchful. Hatchful is very user friendly and is beginner level friendly. You can get decent-looking design templates at your service only by answering some basic questions about your business.

You need to select the business space and your niche. Then you will get an option to choose the visual style you want in your logo. The next job you need to do is to enter your business or site name & tagline, which is optional. You will also get tochoose where you will be using the logo, i.e., on which platform. Once you are done, you can select the best logo template from the vast collection they have.

The Hatchful online logo is fundamental, with no icon or vector customization feature. However, you cankeep on tweaking with the template to get a unique design you want. Though you cannot edit the icons, color, and fonts, you indeed get to choose from the combination it offers.

The pricing of Shopify’s online logo maker is readily free. You can get your favorite logo to download at a low-resolution PNG file in no time.


Designhill is one of the best online crowdsourcing websites for graphic design on the internet today. Its online log maker tool provides a broad range of logo templates that can be reproduced to unique, simple, and elegant logos post customization. Due to the availability of free customization, unlike another free logo maker, a perfect logo is just a few clicks away on Designhill.

Like other online logo maker tool, you will have to enter your company name and tagline and then pick your favorite visual style and color preference. Once you generate the free logo, you can easily customize the font, icon, and the color and make the edits per your wish. As a renowned crowdsourcing website, you can also launch design contests using your free logo as a reference point to start a game.


Basic Package: At a raw pack, Designhill only provides you with a low-resolution PNG logo. The logo can only be used on smaller versions like your social media profiles. If you look for an essential logo requirement, you will have to move forward to the premium package.The basic package will only charge you a fee of $20.

Premium Package: As said, in the premium package, you will get high-resolution SVG and vector files. These are good logos and workeverywhere, from social media to a mainstream platform. The premium will cost you $65cto to download all the files.

Enterprise Package: If you are a more significant entity or an organization, you can also get this price. At $150, you will call to work with one of their professional designers. You can then coordinate to customize & tune your favorite logo after producing it with their inline logo generator.


LogoGenie is one of the best logo makers available online. The online logo designer tool is a French team combining AI and world-class online do it yourself tools to design your logo. You can choose among 3000 high-quality icons and five different logo styles. The best thing about this online logo maker tool is the affordable rates, including HD files, social network branding, vector files, and much more. You can design a remarkable logo in no time.

LogoGenie is a perfect logo maker if you are looking for a minimalist look for your logo. You can access hundreds of stunning logo templates by providing details about your company.


Standard Package: As discussed, the price is affordable as compared to the services it provides. You can get the legal pack for just $19.90 and download high-quality file formats like JPG and PNG files. If you are looking to design a business card, merchandise, or a website logo, this is the right place for your visit.

Addons: Besides the standard package, you can also get the option of unlimited future modification. For that, you will need to pay $4. And, to get the vector file (SVG or PDF) of your design, you will have to loosen your pocket with $8.

LogoGenie also offers exclusive copyright and ownership of your logo signed by them. And the logo is then taken off their site. However, to avail of this benefit, you will have to pay an extra $120, which is quite reasonable if you are looking for the sole ownership of the design.


With the power of artificial intelligence, Looka stands on the top when it comes to logo designing tools online. It is a cherry over the cake to design a logoon this AI-based logo maker tool as it gives you the feeling of working with a real designer. You will just have to answer a few questions, and the rest of the AI will start working upon the generation of your logo. You receivestunning logo designs as you enter your company name, tagline, the visual style you want, the color preferences.

You have the independence to keep scrolling until you get the right recommendation of your choice. The logo maker also offers customization, which lets you have control over every element, including the font and the colors. Using Looka for practicing create a log is free. However, if you like a particular logo or a designand want to download it, you will have to pay the price. Along with different packages at Looka, you can also buy the website package of you are looking into creating a website as well. The package will include logo and website domain hosting together.


Basic Package: Choosing the basic package will give you the downloading option of a low-resolution PNG logo.You can use this logo as a reference to sharing the idea with your colleague or a professional designer. The basic package will cost you a fee of $20.

Premium Package: If you want a logo that is of better quality than that of the basic package, you can get this. The premium will charge you a fee of $65 and will give you a high resolution SVG, Vector & PDF files, along with the transparent PNG background.

Enterprise Package: You spend $15 more on the premium package, you will get yourself a social media kit and business card design as well. This package is the best when compared to the perk it provides at the cost of $80.


With an extensive database of professionally designed graphics, GraphicSprings has a lot to offer when designing online logo designing. One of the nest things about the database is that all the designs are100% original and serves as a massive foundation for your customized logo design.

Like all the other online logo maker, you can get started by simply entering your business name and slogan. You must choose the industry you are associated with or enter the search term if you have a specific graphic idea in your mind. Then you can browse the logo templates selection. You can customize the template once you are satisfied with the design of your choice. On GraphicSprings, it is easy to adjust the colors, effects, layouts, etc. with our easy to use editing application. As soon as you think you have the right design, you can hit the download icon to access your file instantly.


Basic Package: The basic package of GraphicSprings provides you with a high-resolution JPG file at the cost of $19.99.

Standard Package: If you still wish to edit your logo after download or you need to download the file in other formats like JPG, PNG, or PDF at custom sizes, you can choose this package. The package will cost you $39.99.

Pro Package: At $99.99, you get all the features of the standard package. Moreover, you will also get an SVG file, protecting the graphic and templates for social media and stationery.


uCraft is one of the most creative and distinct online logo maker tools, hugely popular for its satiric type of logo templates. The interface is designed, considering new designers who are incredibly new to the field of design. The addition and subtraction of elements and to move it from one place to another is an easy task. Unlike Hatchful, it offers only limited functionality with not a very advanced AI-based but gets the job done efficiently.

The logo maker is not the primary offering of uCraft. Still, they have an excellent free logo designing tool apart from the websitebuilder. If you are a new user and do not know much about graphics, you can always start here.


You have the choice of downloading your business logo for free in a PNG file format if you want this the right thing to buildand use it as a reference with a professional logo maker.

Not just that, the online logo maker also lets you download the high-resolution SVG file format for only $10. However, from personal knowledge, if you are willing to spend some cash over your logo, you should not have uCraft as an option. You shouldspend the same money on something better that offers a good range of services.


Without a doubt, Canva is the world’s most famous graphic design website. Be it background wallpaper, a social media header, or a logo for your business. Canva has a wide variety of background and design elements. You can add your text and ingredients all for free. You just need to sign up for free and start designing. Canva also lets you download files in multiple formats. However, one of the most significant drawbacks of Canva is that multiple people across the world use it. Hence, this often leads to similar logos and designs floating on the internet with a little change.

To use Canva canbe a little daunting process for a while, as you need to learn to curve. The online designing tool does not offer many templates ion free mode, and you’ll have to brainstorm a bit as well. You can also get the premium offering of the website. With the premium template, you can create unique designs of all kind, like social media banners and blog post graphics, etc.


Canva is readily free to use and download with multiple file option. However, if you wish to access the premium pack of professional templates and high-resolution images, then you have theoption to buy the premium at $12.95 per month as the subscription. 


FAQS for Online Logo Maker Tools

How to create my logo for free?

We have covered a lot of free logo makers in the list of twelve best online logo creator. Hatchful, Designfier, Wix, uCraft, and Canva are our recommendations for the best online logo maker. These offer free logo downloading options, especially Designfier, that lets you download SVG files for free. All these are user-friendly and do not need any graphic design knowledge.

What do you mean by Vector and SVG file?

Pixilation is a phenomenon where pixels of a picture does not render the right ways. In short, what you call a distorted or a bad picture. Vector or SVG format files are the high-resolution mathematical version of an image. They do not let the quality of the picture compromise when compressed or zoomed in at any ratio. PNG and JPG files are generally used for pictures that are of lower resolution and small size.

Why should I use a Vector logo file?

As discussed already, vector logo files do not pixelate when zoomed in/out/ Hence. For a business purpose, its wiser to invest in a Vector file. You generally use your logo on a card, print it on your mug/cup, or print your logo on billboards. Therefore, to not compromise with the quality of your image and so that it does not pixelate, it is best to use a vector format.

Is it possible to get a logo with a transparent background?

This feature solely depends on the online logo maker you are using. When you’re editing a logo icon or an image, always see if you have an option to remove the background. You can alternatively bring the opacity of the background to 0%. Both ways will effectively give you a transparent background logo.

What is the best logo design website?

Everyone has different choices. And, naming the best logo design depends according to your needs. If you do not want to spend on your logo, you can choose anyone of the free logo makers suggested above. If you are an amateur graphic designer, you can take the paid version of any website suiting your needs. If you are looking for a professional logo maker to design your logo, you can start a design contest on websites like Designfier.

What makes a successful logo?

A logo is the representation of your brand identity. It needs to speak on behalf of the company, your product, and your vision, simultaneously. The traits of a great logo is simple, elegant, flexible, and unique. It should be easy to remember so that people do not forget your brand.

How to design a company logo?

Designing a logo for your company starts with knowing your brand. Your logo should be such that it depicts the message you want to convey to the people sitting at spectators. As a professional logo design is the work of art, hard work, and talent, we would advise-
1. Hire a freelancer.
2. Start design contest on a logo design site.
3. Design a logo using a professional logo maker.

How many colors can I typically use in a logo?

Well, we would suggest you always stick using between 2 to 3 colors. In case you think you need more colors, it is wise to use monochromatic colors. You should always read about color psychology before choosing which color to use.

What makes an excellent logo?

A great logo is simple, scalable, memorable, or creates an Impact, and it should be versatile. Your logo should be able to convey all your message and should be relevant to your business.

How much does Designfier’s online logo maker tool cost?

You can do whatever you want on Designfier’s online logo maker tool. Designfier does not charge you anything for using its online logo maker tool. The user interface is straightforward for anyone to understand. Also, you can download SVG, JPG, and PNG file format for your image, all for free.


Creating a professional log is a formidable task if you are a beginner and do not know how to take the first step. However, from years of experience in this field, here are some of the best practices.

1. Research is the first step

No matter how much research you do, its never enough. When you think that you need to build yourself a brand identity, the first stepis to research your competitors. Find out what is working right for them and what kind of tactics they have used to build their community and engage their customers. You need to find how customers react to a certain type of brand identity. This will not only give you the clear picture of what you are looking for in your mind, but you will also be knowing how to represent your business.

2. Find Yourself the Right Source of Inspiration

Inspiration is the first thing you need to start anything. Every day, we run through a plethoric source of inspiration at different places. You can find inspiration on the internet offering thousands of logos templated, or the hoarding of your coffee shop, or the pamphlet at the corner of your street. Always keep hunting for inspiration, and the right one will ultimately find its way to reach you.

3. Focus on your Core Values and brand personality

Always think of your brand as your alter-ego, and present your brand as you present yourself to someone. This will ultimately give you a sense of the idea of how yourbrand should look like before someone. Your logos should be matching with your brand personality. This is very important as your brand identity will always be a visual identity ofyour brand personality. For example, -If your brand personality is cherishing and jolly, but your logo is quite dull and introverted, it will be a mismatch. It will convey the wrong information to your target audience. Hence, always work over this before the making of your logo.

4. Pen your rough idea before getting started

Once you are up with all the above three steps, it’s time to sketch your logo. Never stop playing around and sketching different versions of how you want your logo to look like. You can play around with different colors, icons, and font schemes. Try sketching everything you want using every combination. As nobody is judging you anyway, you can be as creative as you want to be.

5. Get feedback and critiques

Once you have built some samples of what your logo should look like, it’s time to bring your troops in. You need a genuine, constructive opinion from people known to you. What you like might not look appealing when someone else peers through your work. Gathering feedback is a must. However, what is more, important is to work over the critiques. When you are in business, you need to do what your audience will love other than choosing what you like. Hence, you must always take feedbacks and reviews from maximum people. Choose the sample that is perceived nice by the majority of people.

6. Roll down your Final design with pride

With time we’ve cut through the significant task of planning your logo. Now is the time to jump over to the online logo makers. As we have already discussed this, you do not have to be a pro-level designer to use any online logo maker tool. Keep following the above steps and try to apply as much as you want and create as many logos as you can. In this way, you will be able to generate great-looking professional logos.

Over to You

Designing is an art and can be daunting and impossible for many. But not if you go the DO it yourself approach with an online logo maker.Using these logo generators is a relatively easy and simple task. One of the disadvantages of using these free logo maker tools are that they are used by thousands of others hence compromising on the uniqueness and the low-resolution quality. However, you can always use it to do a quick test on your design concept. Therefore, in this way, you will have some visuals to show to your designers if you approach them.

No matter if you’re starting an online shop or an IT firm, these logo design maker tools are great for start-ups and entrepreneurs. These help them create high-quality professional logos. These also come at quite an affordable rate, significant as small businesses and start-ups already run at a very tight budget. However, even if you are willing to spend some little extra cash apart from taking the premium feature, you can hire a professional freelancer. Getting a freelancer today is no big task as you can easily hire one on Fiverr or Upwork. Or, if you want to loosen your pocket and get a fantastic job done, you can start your logo design contest on any crowdsourcing websites like Designfier and DesignHill.

So, let’s commence an open, healthy discussion on the comments below. You can share your ideas and feedback and let others learn from your experience.