Design contests vs. Freelancers vs. Agencies in 2024- Best comparison

Design contests vs. Freelancers vs. Agencies

An excellent graphic design is essential for any business. If you are not a graphic design yourself, you will want to hire someone to get your job done. However, when you reach this level, you will have ample option to choose from. Choosing between design contests vs. freelancers vs. agencies can get tricky because all these variables have their own pros and cons.

To make the right choice, you will have to take a look at your project. You will have to figure out how much work you have already done, how much idea and time you have already invested, or what exactly you are looking for. You need to consider four major question-

  1. How much are you willing to invest?
  2. How much time do you have?
  3. What is the scale of your project?
  4. What do you already have?

While you keep reading further, you will understand what role these questions play in deciding your ideal designer. Keep reading to understand which will be the best variable for your job when the choice is among design contest vs. freelancers vs. agencies

What is the role of your budget?

The money you want to spend on getting a custom logo design plays a significant role while choosing the ideal candidate for your job. All three (Design contests vs. freelancers vs. agencies)have different pricing. However, if you have a low budget, then choosing a freelancer will be great. An ideal freelancer will charge you somewhere around $25 to $300 an hour. Their price varies between your needs and the information you provide.

While talking about the cost of conducting a graphic design content, it will make you spend somewhere between $100 to $500. Again, this will also vary from one place to another. Whereas, if you have a big project, a complex that needs a lot of time and effort, choosing an agency is okay. However, be ready to spend around $10,000 on a simple project. However, for a complex task, the cost will rise to somewhere around $50,000.

How important is your time factor?

Well, another significant factor is time availability. According to the timeliness, hiring a freelancer will be the most variable option. However, if you want quick results, a graphic design contest is the best. You will get your work done in seven days to ten days.

If you have ample time to complete your project choosing an agency is reasonable. While working with an agency, your project will take months to complete. However, you can opt for a rush fee if you can spend some extra cash.

Freelancer – Pros and cons

A freelancer is a highly skilled individual working freely for himself. They have a specific niche, and they excel at it. Their competencies make them a go-to, especially applying to web design, copywriting, and graphic designing.

A freelancer focuses on their craft, which means they see every detail from the perspective of their project. They are best to hire for a per-project basis.

Pros and cons-

You cannot hire a freelancer for everything. They have the niche they work at. They are highly cost-effective and are generally lower with the negotiation possibility. For a single project, you will have a lot of freelancers willing to work. Hence you can take benefit from bargaining power. While working with a freelancer on a custom logo design, the contact is direct. It remains one-one communication, i.e., no third party in between. This helps in wrapping your project at a speeder rate.

Well, not all freelancers are the same. Though most of them are skilled and experienced, you have no guarantee of quality. The mode of payment differs from one freelancer to the other. Some require upfront charges, whereas some send an invoice after a finished project. Also, looking from the size of your project, hiring a freelancer for a complex and big project is not a good option.

Design Agencies – Pros and Cons

Agencies will handle everything at a price. They havea troop of specialists working together under one roof. It will unburden a lot of stress off your hands, dealing directly with the designers. They will guarantee you quality work at a set timeline. Dealing with an agency is most beneficial when you need a full branding or marketing strategy.

Pros and Cons-

If you have an ongoing project or you have a lot of projects, you can trust an agency with your job. An agency will have designers working for you round the clock to complete your job in the given time frame. Another advantage of choosing an agency is for your brand development. They will naturally develop your brand and marketing strategy. The best part about agencies are they are reputed hence will guarantee you quality.

The only disadvantage of not choosing an agency is the price and the time you need to invest. An agency will take a lot of time to deliver a project. It might take weeks or months to get the job accomplished. Also, if you are a medium scale or a new startup hiring an agency will be expensive.

Design Contests – Pros and cons

You fill a design contest launch form and let contestants know what you’re looking for. You also tell some details about branding, like colors or fonts. Once the contest deadline is complete, you receive multiple options and pick the graphic design you liked the best. This is how a logo or graphic design contest works. You can also take feedback from your colleagues, friends, and families before making your final choice.

Pros and Cons-

The best thing about choosing a  graphic design contest is that you get a lot of option for the same idea. The level of interpretation and introspection you receive is a great asset to choose from. Another advantage of selecting a contest is the variety of styles and inspiration. You will be able to see your idea through many talented and skilled eyes. It will give you great insights to further purify your branding.

While a graphic design contest is one of the best ways to get your job, then it does have a few cons as well. It is not suited for large-scale projects. Also, you will have to put forward a lot of your effort. You will have to spend some time daily in giving feedback. However, Designfier is a logo and graphic design contest website which suits for all your large-scale projects as well. It is a community of graphic designers across the globe. You will run contests not only on one project but many, simultaneously. 

Taking a victorious decision

Indeed, you now know which will be your ideal choice to choose from. The budget plays a huge role. But, its not always about finance. Choosing between design contest vs. freelancers vs. agencies takes a hell lot of brainstorming. However, now that you know everything about them, making the right decision will be a bit easy for you. All the best.