Top 5 Best Crowdsourced Logo Design Sites for Small Businesses in 2021

Best Logo Design sites in 2021

A logo is an integral part of your brand. To build a massive brand identity, it is a necessity that you have an awesome logo. Whether you have a clothing brand, real estate, restaurant business, the logo is everywhere around you. However, for small businesses and start-ups, funds and finances are of great matter as well. Hence, apart from all the expenses, it is hard to extract money for the logo.

What if I told you that you could still get a professional logo designed at as low as $99? Sounds uneasy? Its true. The internet has weaved this world in such a way that you have options for everything today. Crowdsourced logo design sites tend to work best for small businesses and start-ups. And you too can get your logo and your brand designed without much money.

Today you will learn all about crowdsourced logo design to get your personal brand logo. You will also learn why crowdsourcing is the best and the five best-crowdsourced logo design sites. Go on.

What exactly is crowdsourcing and why you should give it a shot?

Crowdsourcing means to use the internet and obtain extensive online community services by approaching them. Getting crowdsourced logo design is best suited for small business and start-ups who need to build their brand idea and needs to consider a lot of options. The price for the crowdsource logo depends on the services.

If you want the crowdsourcing method to work great, then one thing you need to invest is your time. You see, the more you invest in communicating with your designers, the better insight they have about you and your demands. Also, most of the crowdsourced logo design sites come with a money-back guarantee that has minimal financial risk in case you are not satisfied with the design.

Whenever using a crowdsourced, make sure you have effective communication. Brief your idea, provide them with business details, discuss the market, and let them know if you have a raw logo idea in your mind.

Process of getting a crowdsourced logo design

Different websites have different processes for getting your logo designed. However, some basic steps will guide you better.

  • Select the service you are looking for.
  • Provide all the required details asked.
  • Select the package that suits your requirements.
  • Review samples that you receive.
  • Announce a winner. Note that some websites allow you to further get your chosen design edited.
  • Use your logo with pride and honor.

5 Best Crowdsourced Logo Design Sites


Designfier today is one of the fastest-growing crowdsourced logo design sites on the internet. The concept has a wide variety of option, from designing your logo, social media to your brand identity. Being a global community of designers, you get the chance to use creative brains from across the globe. The best thing about Designfier is that you get to take critique feedback form your friends and families before you choose a logo. The copyright transfer is also done very smoothly.

Designfier’s 100% money-back guarantee promises no question asked to return in case you are not satisfied with any of the designs. The logo design contest starts as low as $99 varying till $499.


99designs is one of the oldest crowdsourcing logo design sites on the internet. With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers across the globe, 99design lead the market. They are more of a content channel where you post your briefing for designers and wait. In no time, you start receiving designs.

99design has different packages which you can choose according to the services. The design contest starts at $299 and goes till $1,299.


Designhill is another highly trusted corporate crowdsource logo designing sites with thousands of designers working under one roof. They have designed iconic logos of BBC, Microsoft, and Deloitte. Their logo design contests are designed to be highly interactive, making them one of the best in the market. Unlike Designfier, Designhill also has a wide variety of services such as business & advertising, product design, brochure design, Social Media, etc.

You have a lot of option to choose from on the site. The contest comes with a 100% many back guarantees as well. You can create a contest starting $199.


DesignCrowd is another trusted crowdsourcing logo design site with more than 500,000 designers associated with them. Their model, like most of the crowdsourcing sites discussed. However, you will need to set a deadline for the project on your own. Designers revert with their designs before or on deadlines. You can then choose between all the designs and choose the one you like.

Contests on DesignCrowd starts at only $99. You can request for a money-back guarantee in case you need them. However, your funds will take around sixty days to return.


110designs is a crowdsourced logo design site for all range of online graphic design. At 110designs, you can only post content and has no option for custom services. Although design contest is the best way to crowdsource, 110designs do not provide an option for 1 to 1 conversation.

The design packages start from $110, varying from different services.

Over to you

If you are reading this, I believe you are looking hard to start your design contest. If You have decided to get a crowdsourced logo design contest, be assured that you will not regret it. However, there still are a few things you should do in your homework.

Always be sure about your budget before you get started with your contest. Also, explore every site’s portfolio before choosing one. Check the feedback of previous clients on the same niche as yours. It will surely give you a better insight and idea about the website’s expertise in your particular niche.

If you still are unsure, you can get started with Designfier or Designhill as they provide a 100% money-back guarantee. This will ensure that you have minimal financial risk.