Launched in 2010, 48Hourslogo is a crowdsourcing design platform providing design solutions to customers all around the world. They provide high quality design solutions at affordable prices. They are based in China and have designers from all around the world. They have helped more than 40,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking for design solutions for your next project, we have created a review of 48Hourslogo along with our verdict to help you make an informed choice. Let us take a detailed look at 48Hourslogo design platform:


48Hourslogo offers all kinds of crowdsourcing design services. Some of the notable services offered by them are:

  • Design Contest: 48Hourslogo offers you to launch design contests for your queries. If you require multiple ideas from various designers, a design contest is the most appropriate option for you. Just fill a design brief and set a prize amount for the winner. You will get to choose from a list of multiple design entries and select a winner whose design meets your requirements.
  • White Label: You can also outsource all the design related assignments to 48Hourslogo for a very convenient price. Send more than 20 design concepts in a presentable format to your client and achieve higher profit margins.
  • Become an Affiliate: If you have a platform where you can advertise about 48Hourslogo, you can earn money by putting their affiliate links on your platform. Simply fill the application form, get approved and start earning!

How does it Work?

48Hourslogo is a platform that can help you launch an online design contest without any hassle. They have various contest categories such as Logo Designs, Brand Identity design and much more. Though all the contests work similarly:

  • Fill a Design Brief: The customer has to fill a design brief with their design requirement. They can include their vision and some related ideas that can help the designers create the most suitable logo.
  • Select a Prize for the winner: The customer has to select a prize amount to be given to the designer whose design entry wins the design contest.
  • Choose the winner: As soon as you launch a contest, multiple design entries start rolling in. Go through all the design options and choose the one that works for your project and select that designer as the winner. The designer gets the prize amount and all the design copyrights are transferred to you.


The homepage is stuffed with a lot of information for the customers. The website design is simple  and easy to use. They feature a traditional website design which can feel a bit conventional to the modern user. Website navigation is also pretty basic. You get all the web-pages linked on the navigation bar along with some features at the bottom end of the page. The quality of content is also amazing. They have a wide collection of blogs ranging from providing design solutions, business solutions and so on.

However, there is a huge scope for improvement. The website navigation can be more presentable and they should really update their website design according to modern design trends. They have given a space to the designers where you can see the designers work but it is not specified if the customer can coordinate with the designer to work on a direct basis. The overall customer experience is moderate and they can really do well with some major changes to the website design.


The pricing plans at 48Hourslogo are varied for each Design category. For specific packages you can head over to the website to get the exact amount. However, for each design category they offer 4 packages: Minimum, Standard, Gold, Custom. Their logo design packages are as follows:

  • Minimum: $99 – Creative design on a budget. 
  • Standard: $148 – Best Value for money.
  • Gold: $198 – Attract top designers
  • Custom: Name your own price


Some of the advantages of 48Hourslogo are as follows:

  • Good Customer Ratings
  • Private Upgrade
  • Featured Upgrade
  • $29 for a contest
  • Affordable pricing


While there are so many advantages of being one of the most famous design websites, some of the cons of 48Hourslogo would be:

  • Outdated Website Design
  • Basic Design Services
  • No 1-on-1 Designer interaction


48Hourslogo Alternatives

Some of the alternatives of 48Hourslogo are:

  • Designfier: Designfier is a cheaper alternative than 48Hourslogo. Their pricing starts at $129 and more than 90 design entries, it is a better option for customers on a budget.
  • Crowdspring: Their plans start at 299 which is quite high, but they compensate it with better service and awesome customer experience.
  • 99Designs: 99Designs is one of the most premium alternatives for 48Hourslogo. It charges a bit more but they have a bigger designer base with better customisation features.
  • Designhill: It offers great value for money at $199. However, Designer offers more customisation in providing design briefs for contests.
  • Designcrowd: Designcrowd offers great services and has a higher designer base than 48Hourslogo. Their plans start at 109$ which is cheaper than 48Hourslogo.

Our Verdict

48Hourslogo is a good platform for people looking for affordable design solutions. Their basic plans start at $29 which is really affordable. It is a great way for small business owners and startup owners to get high quality designs. They provide faster deliveries which and money back guarantee if the customer gets fewer design entries.

48Hourslogo has been in the business since 2010, which has built an amazing customer trust. Their pricing plans are affordable too. If you are looking for basic plans, they start at $29 and you can upgrade to better plans which are also affordable for the designers.

48Hourslogo provides some really amazing features, but there is a huge need to update the designer base. They provide a moderate customer experience  which can be off-putting for bigger companies and agencies looking for a designer but that does not mean the quality of service is also compromised. So, if you are looking for a decent design company, you can simply click the link below to check their platform!