99designs Review

99designs is one of the first crowdsourcing design platforms. Founded in 2008 by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle, it started as a forum, known as Site point, for web developers and designers. It is based in Australia and provides a platform for freelancer designers to work showcase their work on a design platform. It is a great platform for all your design needs. It hosts more than 1 Million designers on its platform and provides a quick service to its clients.

In order to help you out with your design requirement, we have created a review of 99Designs followed by our verdict on it to help you choose better. Let us take a detailed look on 99Design’s Platform.


99Designs offer all the design services a crowdsourcing design platform can offer. Some of the services are mentioned below:

  • Design Contest: You can launch a design contest on basis of your design requirements. You can get Logo Designs, Graphic Design, Illustration and many more design solutions from launching a contest. A design contests helps you get multiple ideas about your design requirement based on your design brief.
  • 1-to-1 Projects: You can work with a designer on your design project. If you have a clear vision of what your requirements are, then you can choose to work with a designer who you think is the best fir for your project.
  • Find a designer: If you want to choose your own designer by seeing their work, you can find a designer on 99Designs. Simply choose from a wide range of categories and select the designer you want to work with.
  • Discover Inspiration: If you are simply looking for some inspiration, you can choose to view from a list of hundreds of design options to get inspired for your next design idea. You can then choose a design and then invite the designer to work on your project.
  • Agencies: Agencies can also choose 99Designs to provide better design solutions for their clients. The dedicated account manager can be connected with the 99Designs team so that they can deliver the right designer according to the agency’s needs.
  • API Integration: Other businesses can also integrate their websites with 99Designs’ creative platform. Clients can use 99Designs’ infrastructure to power their marketplace and provide creative talents to their customers.

How does it Work?

99Designs works the same as other crowdsourcing design websites. Depending upon the requirement, here are primarily two ways a client can get design solutions:

  • Hire a Designer: 99Designs will help you find a designer that meets your design requirements and you can collaborate with the designer to work on your design project.
  • Start a Contest: You can also launch a design contest on 99Designs to choose from a list of design ideas. They work like any other contest, the client submits a design brief and the designers from all around the world submit their design entries to win the contest. The client gets to choose a winner who gets the prize money in exchange of the copyrights and files to that design entry.


99designs features a simple and easy to use interface. The website navigation is pretty easy and all the services are clearly mentioned. It has all the right looks of a crowdsourcing design website. A user can easily log in to the platform and launch a contest or start searching for a perfect designer. The designer also get a really cool and interactive platform to showcase their work to potential clients. The clients also get to provide a feedback of the designer’s profile and posts. The homepage is designed pretty efficiently, all the information is presented chronologically and gives a gist of the brand. It promotes a better customer experience and engagement opportunities with the designers.


Their prices might not be for everyone, but ensuring quality and providing amazing design solutions come at a cost. They offer various packages depending upon the number of expected designs, money back guarantee, bigger prizes, dedicated support and much more. Their packages are listed as follows:

Bronze Package

Get 30 Design Options & Money back guarantee


Silver Package

Get 60 Design Options, Money back guarantee& Larger Design Prize


Gold Package

Get 90 Design Options, Money back guarantee, Larger Design Prize& Mid and Top level Designers only


Platinum Package

Get 60 Premium Design Options, Money back guarantee, Larger Design Prize, Top level Designers, Prioritized support & Dedicated Manager


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Some of the advantages of 99Designs are as follows:

  • More than 1 Million Designer base
  • More than 350k Satisfied customers
  • High Quality Design Options and Good Customer ratings
  • Free Design Consultation
  • Faster and Quick Service
  • 100% Money back Guarantee
  • Supports Spanish Language while taking Design Brief
  • Easy to use and intuitive User Interface.


While there are so many advantages of being one of the most famous design websites, some of the cons of 99Designs would be:

  • Not for customers on a tight Budget
  • Too competitive for new designers
  • Lesser Design Entries for $299

99Designs Alternatives

Some of the alternatives of 99Designs are:

  • Designfier: Designfier is a cheaper alternative than 99Designs. Their pricing starts at $129 and more than 90 design entries, it is a better option for customers on a budget.
  • 48HoursLogo: They provide cheaper pricing options than 99Designs at $128. However they have a smaller designer base with only 74k Designers. They offer 50 design entries and the contest duration is of two days.
  • Designhill: It offers great value for money at $199. However, 99Design offers much detailed customisation in providing design briefs for contests.
  • DesignCrowd: DesignCrowd is one of the major competitors of 99Designs. They both started at the same time while 99Designs took a huge lead in getting a bigger designer base. However, the design quality at Designcrowd is really top-notch.
  • CrowdSpring: Their plans start at $274 which is almost equal to 99Designs, but they provide more 70 design entries.

Our Verdict

99Design is a great platform for established business owners and startups having design requirements which do not have a budget. It’s undisputed that they offer such a great service, but that service comes for a bit higher price. If price is not a constraint for you, you can choose to go for 99Designs as they have the largest designer community in any Crowdsourcing design platform.

Weather you require to host a contest or work with a single designer, 99Designs helps you out with your design projects. They are the industry leaders and they cater to a large number of premium brands so charging a bit more for quality work is accepted. If you have a budget constraint, you can choose to go for the bronze package and get a design of your choice. So if you have made up a decision to go with 99Designs, Click below to get your design ideas turn into a reality!