Designcontest was launched in 2003 by Sergey Epifanov. It is one of the oldest companies which came in the design industry. It has played a significant role in modernising crowdsourcing design platforms. They have great customer ratings out of most design platforms and they are a purely design based company with more than 200k designers from all around the world. Their headquarters are situated at Las Vegas, America. They provide a huge variety of designs with validated designers without any clipart images. They provide collaboration tools with the designers along with prompt feedback and some really important features such as project privacy and promotion.

If your crowdsourcing design website search has led you to us, we can help you make a more informed choice by presenting our review of Designcontest with our Verdict at the end. Read more to know about Designcontest and choose according to your requirements. Let us take a detailed look at Designcontest:

1. Services

Designcontest offers all kinds of crowdsourcing design services. Some of the notable services offered by them are:

  • Design Contest: Designcontest offers a wide range of exclusive design contests. If you require multiple designs from various designers, you can launch an online design contest. Just Fill a design brief and set a prize amount for the winner. You will get to choose from a list of multiple design entries and select a winner whose design catches your attention.
  • Find a Designer: You can also get to work on a designer on a 1-on-1 basis. Simply browse through a huge list of designers and choose the one that has the same design vision as your requirement. All the designers are creative and can help you get an outstanding design. Simply fill a design brief and let the designer know your requirements and get your favourite design.
  • Design Consultation: If you require professional help for your design project, you can simply get a design consultation with Designcontest. Just explain them your query and a design expert will contact you to discuss your query.
  • Become an Affiliate: If you have a platform where you can advertise about Designcontest, you can earn money by putting their affiliate links on your platform. Get $50 per customer by the affiliate program. Simply fill the application form, get approved and start making money!

2.                           How does it Work?

Like other design websites, Designcontest also provides design services by two ways:

  • Hire a Designer: Designcontest helps you to invite a designer to work on your design project. You can simply choose a designer profile from a categorised list of hundreds of talented designers. If you have a vision for your design project, they can create the same design as your expectations and more.
  • Start a Contest: Designcontest provides you the option to launch a contest for your design requirement. Design Contest makes the whole designer community engage with your design project. Simply fill a design brief and set a prize for the winner and you are all set to get design entries for your project.

3.                 Usability

The Designcontest homepage is pretty informative. Majority of information can be found on the homepage only. You start with a lot of options for design categories as per your requirement. It is followed by a comparison of Designcontest with other agencies and freelancers that tells you about how they excel in providing more and more features along with great customer support. Their design platform supports other languages such as English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. The website has a pretty basic design with all the pictures complementing the content and looks great. They have created separate pages for other information also which can be accessed by the navigation bar. The website navigate could do a little better in terms of content and design but they have such a simple interface which can be used by everyone. Their main focus is to provide more and more information to the customers through their website. There is some scope of improvement in terms of making this as a space for the designers as well. Right now it mostly focuses on the customer which can be a bit mainstream. The website user experience is good but there is definitely some scope for improvement.

4.            Pricing

Designcontest provides customised pricing plans as most other graphic designing platforms. Their pricing is different for each category, so you can check the plans according to their provided categories on the website itself. But they offer 4 packages in each pricing category. The packages usually differ in the amount of entries it provides you. You can also purchase contest upgrades separately such as featured contest, Highlighted contest and making it private. The packages for logo design contest are as follows:

  • Economy: $275: Expect approximately 50 entries.
  • Standard: $475: Expect approximately 110 entries.
  • Premium: $875: Expect approximately 210 entries.
  • Custom: Starts at $275: You can name the package and choose an amount for the package by yourself.

5.            Pros

Some of the advantages of Designcontest are as follows:

  • Contest privacy and promotion
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • More than 200k Designers
  • Enhanced Voting Feature for early feedback
  • Good Customer ratings (4.8/5)
  • Spanish, French, German & Russian Support
  • Free Design Consultation

6.            Cons

While there are so many advantages of being one of the most famous design websites, some of the cons of Designcontest would be:

  • Shorter Design Brief provides minimal guidance to the designers applying for the contest.
  • Terms related to Money Back Guarantee
  • Fewer Services in Pricing Plans
  • Too many chargeable upgrades

7.            Designcontest Alternatives

Some of the alternatives of Designcontest are:

  • Designfier: Designfier is a cheaper alternative than Designcontest. Their pricing starts at $129 and more than 90 design entries, it is a better option for customers on a budget.
  • 48HoursLogo: They provide cheaper pricing options than Designcontest at $128. However they have a smaller designer base with only 74k Designers. They offer 50 design entries and the contest duration is two days.
  • 99Designs: 99Designs is one of the most premium alternatives for Designcontest. It charges a bit more but they have a bigger designer base with better customisation features.
  • Designhill: It offers great value for money at $199. However, Designer offers more customisation in providing design briefs for contests.
  • Designcrowd: Designcrowd offers great services and has a higher designer base than Designcontest. Their plans start at 109$ which is cheaper than Designcontest

8.            Our Verdict

Designcontest is a good design platform for people looking to fulfil only design related requirements. However most websites offer other services as well which are as useful for small business owners. At Designcontest you have to really know your company and have an idea of what kind of design you need for your brand.

The customers also have to say positive things about the brand. More than 8000 people have voted them good with an average rating of 4.8/5 which means that the customers are happy with the product they are delivering.

There are many cheaper alternatives to Designcontest with different service factors but they ensure great quality designs. They might charge a bit much than their competitors but they have earned the trust of the customers by being in the business more than almost everyone. They offer fair prices, faster turnaround time and a heavily talented designer base to their customers. Now, as the pricing goes it could seem a bit too much for the customers on a very tight budget, but they have the option to go for basic packages and buy some upgrades to make better use of the platform.

There it is, we are done with a review which will make you make an informed choice! If you think Designcontest can help you get a great looking design for you, just click below to check out their website!