DesignCrowd Review for Logo Design Contest Website

DesignCrowd is one of the most prominent names in the Crowdsourcing Design industries. It was founded in 2008 by Alec Lynch who was also known as the founder of design crowdsourcing concept. The design based company has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and has offices all over the world. After receiving significant funding from Starfish Ventures they acquired other companies such as Brand stack and Worth1000. Alec Lynch was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner in 2014.

In order to help you choose the most appropriate platform for your design requirement, we have created a review of Designcrowd followed by our verdict. Let us take a detailed look on Designcrowd’s Platform.


Designcrowd offers all the design services a crowdsourcing design platform can offer. All your design requirements are met here. Some of the most popular services are:

  • Design Contest: Designcrowd offers a wide range of design contests. If you require multiple ideas from various designers, you can launch an online design contest based on your need and all you have to do is fill a design brief and set a prize amount for the winner. You will get to choose from a list of multiple design entries and select a winner whose design meets your requirements.
  • Find a Designer: You can invite a designer to work with you on your design project. If you know what your requirements are, then you can choose to work with a designer who you think is a perfect fit for your project. You can simply choose from a wide range of design categories and select the designer you want to work with. You get a lot of categories of designers such as Logo Designers, Web Designers, Print Designers, Flyer Designers, T-Shirt Designers and much more.
  • Logo Maker: If you think you need a logo for your business and you can work on the logo on your own, you can simply use the Logo Maker services at Designcrowd. Simply choose from a wide range of various templates just by mentioning your brand name and edit the template based on your requirement.

How does it Work?

Like other design websites, Designcrowd also provides design services by two ways:

  • Hire a Designer: Designcrowd helps you find a designer that suits your design requirements. You can invite a designer to work with you on your design project.
  • Start a Contest: Launch an online design contest on Designcrowd to choose from a list of design entries. Submit a design brief and the designers from all around the world will submit their design entries to win the contest. You get to choose a winner who gets the prize money in exchange for the copyrights and files to that particular design entry.


Designcrowd has an easy to use interactive UI. The homepage is carefully designed to present all the information to the user without scrolling much. They have also put up some design options on the homepage for getting a design inspiration. They have created the whole interface keeping the designers in mind too. The categories and designers web pages are thoroughly designed to give you optimal information without ever leaving a particular webpage.

Website navigation is smooth and there is no confusion in going from one page to another. The designers also get a good exposure on their website. They get to showcase their designs to you so that you can invite the most appropriate designers to work on your requirement. The users also get the advantage of designing their logo on their own in their platform. To sum it up, the overall user experience is great and it has better engagement opportunities than some of its competitors.


The pricing plans at Designcrowd are customer friendly. For Design projects the posting charges/ completing a purchase you would have to pay $129 and a 4% transaction fee which is non-refundable. They charge a 20% project management fee for a bigger project budget. For Design Contests, the packages are as follows:

  • 1-3 Designs: $109 – 1 Designer, Up to 3 Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, Copyright Ownership & Industry Standard Files.
  • 6+ Designs: $229 – 3 Designers, Unlimited Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, Copyright Ownership & Industry Standard Files.
  • 50+ Designs: $319 – Unlimited Designers, Unlimited Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, Copyright Ownership & Industry Standard Files.
  • 100+ Designs: $499 – Unlimited Designers, Unlimited Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, Copyright Ownership, Industry Standard Files, Highlighted Project and 250 Business Cards.
  • 150+ Designs: $739 – Unlimited Designers, Unlimited Revisions, Money Back Guarantee, Copyright Ownership, Industry Standard Files, Highlighted & Featured Project and 500 Business Cards.


Some of the advantages of Designcrowd are as follows:

  • 100+ Designs per project
  • Great Value for Money
  • 100% Money back Guarantee
  • Supports Spanish Language , French and Dutch
  • Easy to use and intuitive User Interface


While there are so many advantages of being one of the most famous design websites, some of the cons of Designcrowd would be:

  • Not for customers on a tight Budget
  • Too competitive for new Designers
  • Non-refundable contest fee

Designcrowd Alternatives

Some of the alternatives of Designcrowd are:

  • Designfier: Designfier is a cheaper alternative than Designcrowd. Their pricing starts at $129 and more than 90 design entries, it is a better option for customers on a budget.
  • 48HoursLogo: They provide cheaper pricing options than Designcrowd at $128. However they have a smaller designer base with only 74k Designers. They offer 50 design entries and the contest duration is two days.
  • 99Designs: 99Designs is one of the most premium alternatives for Designcrowd. It charges a bit more but they have a bigger designer base with better customisation features.
  • Designhill: It offers great value for money at $199. However, Designfier offers more customisation in providing design briefs for contests.
  • CrowdSpring: Their plans start at $274 which is almost equal to Designcrowd, but they provide more 70 design entries.

Our Verdict

Designcrowd is a great platform for established business for both small scale and large scale industries. They have a varied price range for all business types so they can cater to all types of budgets and provide great service. They have more than a fair amount of designers on their platform and they provide free contests for designers to keep them engaged.

Designcrowd is one of the first companies and their founder Alec Lynch is said to be the founder of crowdsourcing design concepts. So they can be trusted for all your design requirements. Apart from great service, their website is also very easy to use. Another great thing is the easy to use design interface for the users with a great customer experience.

Their pricing packages depend on the quality of service that you get. If you require basic design services and running on a budget, you can simply choose a smaller package with fewer design options and simply go for other packages based on your needs. If you think your design requirements can be easily managed by Designcrowd, click below to check out their platform!