Best Logo Design Contest Websites – A complete review

A logo is the identity of a brand. Hence, it is natural that one spends a lot of time on the drawing board while making the ideal logo for their brand. In the modern media-dominated world, there are hundreds of ways in which you can get a logo made for yourself. But the most promising and reliable of all those methods is taking professional help.

Professionals are extremely qualified and experienced in their fields. Moreover, they are always up to date with the latest trends. Hence, it is safe to say that taking their help is necessary if you want to design a revolutionary logo for yourself. But one might ask, there are hundreds and thousands of professionals out there who excel at what they do, so, how to choose the best out of them?

It is pretty straightforward that browsing through thousands of profiles in order to find the ideal one is time-consuming and unorthodox. Hence, the logo design contest websites. A platform through which the professionals approach you for their services. A logo design contest is exactly what it sounds like, a contest where thousands of interested professionals participate in order to make a logo design for you which is superior to all the competition.

These contests are generally hosted by websites that are well established and known in the designing genre. Let us throw some light on some of these phenomenal websites.



This website has a large community of very talented designers who not only excel in logo designing but merchandise design, clothing design, business, advertising, etc. This list spans up to 90 different categories. Organizing a design contest is fairly easy on this website. You must give a basic description of the contest and the design itself. Then the designing part commences, and you receive design ideas from the talented designers on the website. The only downside here is that you must pay a premium sum of $299 on this website for a logo design contest because highly skilled professional artists and designers take part in these contests. Premium services require premium cash.

Need a Logo? – Best comparison of Logo Design Contest Websites.

Design Crowd

This is the right place to be if you are looking for stats to do the talking for the website. Boasting over 350,000 completed projects and 100,000 linked businesses, this website has over 780,000 freelance designers linked with it. Design crown is a behemoth when it comes to designing. If the stats weren’t enough, the website also has a policy where you can get 100% cashback if you don’t like any of the submitted results. With a starting price of $99 for a designing contest, this website checks all the boxes.


Designfier offers logo design contest services at a super affordable price of $99. Their services are not just limited to logo design but brand identity, business cards, social media, etc. Having schemes like a 100% money-back guarantee, full ownership of the finished products, and always online customer support, Designfier is the ultimate platform for conducting logo design contests. With an array of professional designers, the services provided by Designfier are remarkable.

Design Hill

The most experienced and established website out of this list, Design hill boasts of having created designs for companies like BBC, Microsoft, etc. This is also a highly interactive platform for designing, almost like a forum. The crowdsourcing process here is similar to the websites discussed above, where it also offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the services. The standard logo-making contest here starts for $199 which is well justified considering the quality of work this platform has provided for its customers in the past.

Freelance Logo Design

It is safe to say that this website is the bay of designing freelancers. A website is a go-to place if you are running low on time for the logo design contest. Freelance Logo Design has a policy that claims to provide at least 6 custom logos in an hour or less. The basic contest services start at a much lower rate of $20. But if you are looking for the copyright of a specific product, the price increases to $50. All in all, this is a great website if you want to get the work done quickly and affordably.

48Hours Logo

This website, just like Freelance Logo Design, offers a relatively fast service, claiming to provide results for your business within minutes of submissions. With a price of $99 for your logo design contest, this website lands in the sweet spot when it comes to pricing. Although their team of highly qualified designers is relatively smaller as compared to other design websites, the services provided by them are phenomenal.


The other website on this list offers services at a premium payment of $299. Crowdspring has been a source of design for brands like Starbucks and LG. The stats of this website alone are enough to tell us about how well experienced their panel of 220,000 designers is. Crowdspring also has a 30-day refund guarantee, they are also known to provide premium services in just a week’s time.

Logo Design Guru

Logo Design Guru’s website not only provides logo designs but also several packages which include services like branding, pamphlets, brochures, etc. for an additional price. Their standard logo design contest service starts at $199. This price is well justified as the website has over 150,000 expert graphic designers for getting the job done. With a simple and easy user interface, Logo Design Guru is easily one of the best websites which provide logo design contest services.

Guerra Creativa

Although this website has a lower number of designers at just 30,000, their services are on par with the competition. They claim to provide you with at least 50 unique designs for your logo design contest. With a base price of $195 for their logo design contest services, it is well worth it, given the profiles and work experience of the design professionals tied up with the website.

Logo Tournament

As the name suggests, this website is all about logo design contests. Logo tournament has an array of professional designers who are selected after rigorous skill testing. This shows their commitment to delivering the best. A logo design contest here comes at a premium price of $275. However, their services are well worth the money is given, their professionals are highly qualified and experienced.

Logo tournament uses all the latest technology while manufacturing the ideal logo design for you. They even use the industry-standard vector files for your project so that you can customize the scaling of your finished product which makes it ready to use in any format or platform.


Established back in 2008, Hatchwise has successfully created over 1 million designs till date. They claim to provide full customizability for your product including the timings if you are in the need of a logo as soon as possible. Their logo design contest services start at $89, which is considerably low for the services and customizability they provide. You also have the option to set a specific time window for projects which need to be delivered quickly.

Zillions Designs

Talking about professionalism, zillions designs offer an exclusive project manager with every logo design contest in order to make things smooth and efficient on both sides. Zillions designs have years of experience in the designing field and their design professionals are handpicked artists who excel in their fields. Their price for a logo design contest is $199 which is very well justified given the additional services they provide for top-notch quality content.

So, these were some logo design contest websites that provide premium services at a super affordable and reasonable price. All the mentions in this list are unique in their own fashion. Some of them even provide add-on services with the contest in order to make things run smooth. Whatever choice you make, should always be backed by extensive research about the website. Some factors like your budget and the deadline for the project should be considered before availing of logo design contest services from any website. As we all are aware, ‘the first impression is the last impression’.

A logo is the first impression of your brand on the public. Hence, it is extremely important to invest thought and time into making your logo. It is extremely essential that your logo leaves a long-lasting impression on potential clients. And to ensure that, taking help from professionals is a step in the right direction.

If you are qualified enough and have the right idea to make a logo, consider hopping on any of these websites for inspiration and ideas. Moreover, most of them have a free-to-use design maker, where you can try your hand on. In the end, you will always have the option of organizing a logo design contest if you are not satisfied with the current state of your logo.

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